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Why Better Living Rx?

You feeling better is what matters!

We’ve developed a proprietary health optimization system that not only adds years to your life, but helps you lose weight, have more energy, burn belly fat, lower blood pressure, alleviate stiff, achy joints, lower cholesterol, and reverses diabetes and osteoporosis plus much more.

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Bio-Optimization Programs

You feeling better is what matters!
At Better Living Rx optimizing your health is our #1 goal. To do that we provide a complete system of care which involves the major systems of health. We call this the Bio-Balance System and it was created by Dr. Tammy Post

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Hormone Balancing

You feeling better is what matters!

Optimizing your health is our number 1 goal. Quite frankly, whether you are trying to lose weight, burn body fat, improve your energy, sleep better, increase your sex drive or have more energy…you can’t do it in a sustained way without hormonal balancing.

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Food Sensitivity Testing

Did You Know that all “Good” Food is NOT the “Right” Food for Your Body?

Find Out which foods to eat and which to avoid. Take the test.

Better Living Rx Food Sensitivity Testing is now available.

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We offer only the highest quality, medical grade, plant-based supplements on the market. Our proprietary blend of supplements were formulated by Dr. Tammy to maximize metabolism, support healthy lifestyles, and enhance critical hormonal functions.

Try them today and start feeling better.

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Got Questions? Get Answers.

Why do I need food sensitivity testing?

Certain foods can trigger an inflammatory response in the body as a result of interrupted digestion absorption issues (namely leaky gut). Only vitamins, minerals and nutrients are supposed to traverse the protective gut barrier and absorb into the blood stream. In leaky gut or disrupted intestinal barriers large pieces of food protein are able to be recognized by the blood stream and if there is genetic predisposition, over exposure to certain foods, or other trigger this can stimulate an inflammatory response through an antibody (white blood cell) response called IgG. This inflammation also triggers the hormone cortisol which repositions and deposits fat in the midsection. Understanding which foods trigger this inflammatory response can allow you to plan your meals accordingly to reduce exposure and therefore the inflammation and cortisol response. We have used this on literally thousands of patients with amazing results in decreased whole body inflammation, autoimmune disease and weight loss.

How is this different than an allergy test my doctor does?

Most allergy testing is left to specialists in allergy and immunology. Most traditional family or internal medicine physicians are not familiar with food allergy testing or if they are only do immediate food allergy testing in the form of IgE testing through blood or skin prick. These tests are usually limited to just a few foods and usually if you have an immediate IgE reaction you probably already know it. For example if you break out in hives from eating peanuts you probably have already had exposure and reaction and are fully aware. Some doctors do not believe in the validity of IgG food allergy testing because of all they skepticism surrounding the testing methods and reliability. We only use facilities with the best quality controls and the results are evident in the multitude of patients we have tested, treated and who’ve received significant results.

Why do I need to repair my gut?

Modern life is hard on your gut. Your entire digestive tract can be affected by stress, processed foods, alcohol, medications, and bacteria. All that chronic irritation can lead to inflammation and, eventually, to a lot of little pinprick-style leaks in the very thin and delicate lining of your intestinal wall. And even a tiny leak can cause surprisingly big problems. A healthy gut is very selective about what gets passed into your body. But a leaky gut can release undigested food particles, bacteria, and toxins into your bloodstream, leading to a potentially outsized immune response.

If the damage to the lining of your gut is bad enough that such substances regularly leak through, it can wreak havoc on your health. Healing the gut is essential in the process of true health restoration. There are many causes of leaky gut and identifying food sensitivities are just one piece of the puzzle. Removing these inflammatory foods is essential while restoring essential elements like probiotics and digestive enzymes, anti-inflammatory agents and restorative amino acids all found in our digestive repair protocols.

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