About Us

Bryan and Dr. Tammy Post

Better Living Rx Mission

Our Mission is to bring renewed health and healing to the mind, body, and spirit of 1,000,000 men and women during the next 3 years (1/1/2016).

Why Better Living Rx?

We’ve created a program to help people feel better, look better, live longer, and have more energy. Our bio-optimization and wellness program has helped thousands so far. In addition to bettering the quality of life for those in neutral health, we’ve helped individuals battling diabetes, neuropathy, and cancer, among other preexisting conditions.

Our bio-optimization services including hormone replacement therapy, food sensitivity testing, detoxification and nutrition, fitness, and stress education all provided via one on one coaching and accessible from the largest cities to the smallest towns across the United States. Our services are offered via a platform consisting of certified wellness coaches who’ve been hand selected following rigorous personality profiling, a nationally recognized hormone expert and staff, licensed physicians in every State, certified phlebotomists in every State, a compounding pharmacy licensed to ship in all 50 States, supplement manufacturing, and a robust administrative and support team.

We use bio-identical hormones because they have been clinically proven to benefit health for the past 50 – 70 years. Bio-identical hormones are derived from yams and soy to mimic the body’s own natural production.

Meet the Founders

Bryan and Dr. Tammy Post are the founders of Better Living Rx and have been vocal proponents of living an optimized life for the past fifteen years. Bryan as a mental health professional and world-renowned speaker on stress and trauma, and Dr. Tammy as a nationally acclaimed hormone and wellness expert. They combined their mutual love for health and wellness and started a medical practice in 2012 that began transforming lives in Northwest Arkansas. Following several breakthrough insights about the limitations of today’s healthcare system and a passion for wanting to see others live longer better, they started Better Living Rx to give families across the United States an opportunity to maximize their health without reliance on pharmaceutical medications.

Dr Post reside in Bentonville, AR.

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